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Weka Asia Pte Ltd is the Asia office for few reputable marine equipment manufacturers.
 They are namely:

   a)    Weka Boxcoolers BV (The Netherlands) for Weka Hi-Resist Boxcoolers

   b)     R. W. Fernstrum & Company (USA) for  FERNSTRUM® GRIDCOOLER® Keel-coolers 

   c)     PILAN® (Spain) for  PILAN® Hydraulic Oil Coolers and Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers 

   d)     STOUCO Consultance BV (The Netherlands) for  STOUCO - Offshore Engineering & Design 

   e)     Deno Compressors BV (The Netherlands) for  Deno Compressed Air Systems, and Inert Gas Systems 

   f)     Navalex International Inc (USA) for  PERKO® Navigation Lights by Navalex 



Weka Hi-Resist Boxcoolers: are made of Copper-Nickel 90/10 tubes, & are known as 
a maintenance free boxcooler with natural anti-fouling. With Weka Boxcoolers, 
all seawater systems for the engines and equipment are become redundant. Thus, 
cost saving. Web-site: www.weka.biz

R.W. Fernstrum & Company: is the manufacturer of the Fernstrum® Gridcooler® Keel Coolers System, which are for engines, generators, & any cooling where ambient water 
is involved. A keel cooler is a closed circuit, water to water heat exchange system. For over 50 years,
Fernstrum has been a leader in keel cooling for the marine industry.Web-site: www.fernstrum.com
Besides the above products, we time to time assist shipowners to source for yards for 
new building, and conversion projects. Below are some of the projects that we had done.

a)  New building of 1 x 38m Multi-purposes & Environmental Vessel in Myanmar

b)  New building of 1 x 300ft Oil Barge in Myanmar

c)  Conversion of Cement Carrier in Batam, Indonesia

d)  New building of 1 x 26m Aluminum Crew Boat in Singapore

e)  New building of 1 x 36m Aluminum Crew Boat in Singapore

f)  New building of 1 x 60m Multi-purposes Vessel in Batam, Indonesia


 Comeval, S.L

- Hydraulic Oil Coolers
- Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers


  STOUCO Consultance BV
    STOUCO - Offshore  
    Engineering & Designs
   Offshore Rig Equipment
   Deno Compressors BV
Navalex International, Inc
Marine Supplies

Perko, Morse Rubber, R.W. Fernstrum & Co, Ritchie Navigation, H.O. Bostrom, Freeman


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