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       For more information about our range
      of products, please contact us at: 

      Weka Asia Pte Ltd 

        Blk 3006,#03-390,UBI Road 1
        Singapore 408700
        Tel: (65) 6743 2600    
        Fax: (65) 6743 6169
        Reg. No: 200009664M 
        E-mail: victor_ho@wekaasia.com.sg





To serve you better, we have agents and
representatives in various Asia countries.
Please contact us for details. 









Weka Asia Pte Ltd   Blk 3006,#03-390,UBI Road 1 Singapore 408700    Tel: (65) 6743 2600     Fax: (65) 6743 6169    Reg. No: 200009664M 
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